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  • AP70
    Mini Bio Sponge Filter
    Use for bowls & small tanks 3cm
    Inner:         Outer:     200
  • AP71
    S. Bio Sponge Filter XY-2810
    Inner:         Outer:     80
  • AP73
    L. Bio Sponge Filter XY-2813
    Inner:         Outer:     45
  • AP74
    Single Bio Sponge Filter XY-2830
    Stick on sponge filter
    Inner:         Outer:     120
  • AP76
    Double Bio Sponge Filter XY-002
    Stick on sponge filter
    Inner:         Outer:     40
  • AP80
    XL Bio Sponge Filter XY-2837
    Inner:         Outer:    
  • AQ03
    Prodac Ocean Fish 120 Lts 4kg
    Marine salt almost 100% purity and with same trace element found in natural seawater
    Inner:         Outer:     6
  • AQ13
    Prodac Ocean Lobster 600 Lts 20kg
    Economy salt for lobster & crayfish tanks
    Inner:         Outer:     1
  • AQ61
    Prodac Aquasana Water Conditioner 100ml
    Water conditioner for fresh & saltwater to neutralise chlorine from tape water with Aloe Vera
    Nett Item
    Inner:         Outer:     12
  • AQP20
    Pet Worx Amazon & Plant Conditioning Salts 500g
    Will raise gH levels by approx 125ppm
    Nett Item
    Inner:         Outer:    
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